CNN wants 'angry' reporter to cover 'fake news'...

by Joe Concha, THE HILL --

CNN, whose coverage has been targeted recently by President-elect Donald Trump, is looking for a reporter to cover "fake news."

"CNNMoney is expanding its Media team," a Turner job advertisement reads.

"We're going to be examining the wave of 'fake news' stories and the people behind them, but more than that we're going to be looking at truth — what happened to it, why so many of us no longer believe it, and where those people are going to get their information instead."

CNN wants someone with six years of writing and reporting experience who gets "angry every time they see an inaccuracy."

"This writer should live on the Internet, and be intimately aware of its darkest corners. They should be capable of doing a quick news story, and of spending days or weeks obsessing about a subject," the ad continues. "They should get angry every time they see any inaccuracy in any story, whether large or small, and whether published by a fake news site or a real one."

Other qualifications include "debunking myths," "confronting the 'real' media about the role it's playing" and "keeping tabs on fake news stories bubbling up around the Internet, and turning around quick articles about them."

"They should be the kind of person who can't pass by a single rabbit hole without being desperate to jump in to see where it leads. And they should be able to tell a story that people can't help reading," the job description concluded.

No salary is mentioned in the ad.

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