CNN GONE WILD: 'Drunk' Lemon gets ear pierced live on air... Mic cut after ranting about 'awful' '16...

  • Don Lemon hosted CNN's NYE festivities from New Orleans with Brooke Baldwin
  • As the New Year began, the hosts could be heard clinking glasses 
  • After asking for 'more' drink, Lemon went on to bemoan an 'awful' 2016
  • This was the year that Trump belittled Lemon on Twitter before winning election
  • CNN producers cut all sound for five seconds while Lemon's mic was dropped
  • Lemon went on to get his ear pierced live on camera


For 364 days of the year he is the serious journalist host of CNN Tonight.

But On New Year's Eve, Don Lemon likes to let his (proverbial) hair down, and Saturday night was no exception.

The 50-year-old, who certainly does not look - or act - anywhere near that age, even got his ear pierced live on air.

For the second year running, #drunkdonlemon was trending on Twitter.

The New Years festivities saw a concurrent broadcast ringing in the new year across all of America's time zones, in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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