Calls for genocide inside a mosque lead to protests outside, but it's the protesters charged with hate crimes

The Rebel Media -- 

 On Friday, an anti-Islam protest took place outside a mosque in Toronto.

Global News published this report, but did not interview protesters, show any video of it or even clear pictures.

A small group of protesters demonstrated outside of a mosque in downtown Toronto Friday with signs, banners and megaphones calling for the banning of Islam while people prayed inside.

Toronto Police Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said protesters gathered outside the Masjid Toronto, a mosque near Dundas Street West and Chestnut Street, for an “anti-Islamic protest” with signs just after noon.

CBC reports that this protest will now be investigated as a hate crime.

What neither the media nor the police seem concerned about, however, are calls by the mosque's Muslim imam and congregants to exterminate the Jewish people one by one, and vanquish all non-Muslims.

A call to genocide is a criminal code offencein Canada.

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