7 US Navy sailors missing, 1 injured after warship collision (Video)

NEW YORK POST reports:

The Japan Coast Guard has confirmed that seven crew members of a U.S. Navy destroyer are missing after a collision with a Philippine-flagged merchant ship off the coast of Japan.

Japan Coast Guard official Takeshi Aikawa said the USS Fitzgerald reports that seven are unaccounted for and one is injured.

The injured sailor had a head injury, but details of his or her condition were unknown.

Footage from Japanese broadcaster NHK showed a person in a stretcher being lifted from the deck to a Japan Coast Guard helicopter.

Aikawa said the U.S. ship is partially flooded because of damage and not capable of moving by itself.

He added that so far no damage or injuries to the container ship or its crew members have been reported.

The coast guard dispatched five patrol ships and an aircraft carrying medics to the site for search and rescue operations.