Bellwether: As Trump Prepares to Take Office, Dems are Lost in a Foggy Swamp of Denial

By John Moody | --

If there’s one message both Republican and Democratic voters sent to their elected representatives in last year’s primary and general elections, it was this: we are tired of political gridlock. Do something useful!

But while most Republican lawmakers are getting ready, with varying degrees of enthusiasm and trepidation, for Donald Trump’s presidency, some Democrats are lost in a foggy swamp of denial, and seem determined to impede the incoming administration by whatever means necessary. What voice of the electorate? How soon they forget!

Let’s look at what stunts have been pulled on Capitol Hill since last November’s election, but before Trump even takes office:

  • Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee tried to object to the ratification of the Electoral College results, claiming that voter suppression might have invalidated the election.

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