REPORT: U.S. Preparing Preemptive Strike to "Utterly Destroy" N. Korea Nuclear Program


On Sunday, the UK’s Sunday Times reported that top military advisers to US President Donald Trump have told their British counterparts that Washington was considering a preemptive strike against North Korea’s nuclear program, and believe the U.S. has the firepower to neutralize it.

Citing “senior sources” in the British government, the paper said the US believed it was able to “utterly destroy” the key installations required to remove the threat the program posed to North Korea’s neighbors and the US.

According to the paper, US Defense Secretary James Mattis discussed a US strike on North Korea with his British counterpart Michael Fallon some two weeks ago, and similar conversations have been held between British officials and Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

“They’ll do anything it takes. Nothing is off the table. They think they’ve got the capabilities to target things and utterly destroy them. They are confident they know where everything is and can target it efficiently,” one British official is quoted as saying.

Another source told the Times that US officials “are getting to the point where they think they may have to take out the facilities preemptively…. They are much closer to taking military action than they were a year ago.”

 Concerning tonight's failed North Korean missile launch, US Defense Secretary Mattis said only the following:

" ...the President has no further comments on North Korea"

Given what the President has said in the past about not giving the "enemy" any info about intentions, that statement is quite ominous.