ABC Omits from Transcript Trump Blasting David Muir on March for Life

Curtis Houck | Newsbusters -- 

On Thursday afternoon, our friends at RedState flagged this peculiar developmentthat ABC News transcript excluded an exchange from the David Muir-President Trump interview where Trump scolded Muir for the media’s lack of coverage of the March for Life versus the Women’s March on Washington.

With an eagle eye for this detail, RedState’s “Streiff” provided a generous nod to Nicholas Fondacaro’s blog from Wednesday night and concluded it’d be pertinent to check out the full transcript.

That’s where Streiff ran into trouble:

Guess what? This entire exchange is simply omitted from the ABC transcript.

Is it a clerical oversight? Did they not like seeing powdered and blow-dried empty suit that runs their news operation stuttering away? Did it interfere with their narrative about Trump? Did they, in short, intentionally cut it? I don’t know anything more than that, but the omission seems to make Donald Trump’s point about March for Life coverage in a much stronger way than Trump did. In other words, that they’re so committed to not covering the size of the March they couldn’t even let this point stand on their website.

Further, Muir discussed this portion of the interview on Thursday during ABC’s Good Morning America.