Zuckpocricy: Facebook boss bought neighbors' homes to keep them away


Paul Bedard | The Washington Examiner

Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg, who condemned "fearful voices," presumably like Donald Trump and some countries in Europe, for pushing walls against immigrants, is facing a backlash over his efforts keep neighbors away from his homes.

After he told a California conference Tuesday, "I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others," several congressional critics emailed Secrets stories about his huge personal and home security.

"This, from a man who bought every house on his neighborhood block to clear the area and create a safe space for he and his family," said one congressional source. "I bet he has some pretty sturdy fences to protect his land. Not to mention a platoon of personal bodyguards."

Actually, his security team has been the subject of stories as has his home construction.

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