You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama is Doing This Week… This is Disgusting

Mr. Conservative

Knowing that they are about to get booted out of the White House at the end of 2016, the Obamas are on the hunt for new jobs that will keep them in the public eye. Now, it looks like Michelle Obama is trying to embark on an acting career in Hollywood, as she is set to guest star on the hit CBS show NCIS this week.

According to TV Line, the cast of NCIS was spotted filming at the White House on Sunday. A photojournalist bumped into the show’s star Mark Harmon outside of the Washington D.C. mansion, and he confirmed that TV’s most watched drama will be filming both outside and inside the White House on Monday.

Harmon also stunned everyone by adding that Michelle Obama will be starring in some of the scenes.

Frankly, we aren’t surprised at all that the Obamas are trying their hand at an acting career. They have always favored Hollywood over the rest of the country, and there’s nothing they love more than attention. We can only hope that Michelle’s acting career fails, and that after she leaves the White House, she returns to whatever hole she came from!

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