WOW: Rush Limbaugh Breaks Silence… Makes Statement That Has Trump Fans High-Fiving

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Rush Limbaugh may have imposed a gag order on himself in the matter of the Corey Lewandowski case, but he quickly broke it in order to support the embattled Trump campaign manager.

Lewandowski, Trump’s right hand man, was charged with simple battery for an incident March 8, where he allegedly grabbed former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields as she questioned the candidate after a news conference in Jupiter, Florida.

Lewandowski was charged on Tuesday. Limbaugh, who called the incident “Grabgate,” told his audience Wednesday he wouldn’t be remarking on it.

“My friends, I have decided that going forward that I cannot share with you my opinion on this story,” he said, according to Politico.

“Because no matter what I say, I am convinced people cannot listen anymore, and no matter what I say, it is going to be misconstrued into one of two things: Either I am defending Lewandowski, or I am trying to destroy Trump in order to help Ted Cruz,” Limbaugh said. “And I have done neither, said neither.”

However, whatever gag order may have existed had vanished by Thursday, when he took a massive stand for Lewandowski.

“I haven’t found anybody in the media who doesn’t have vitriolic hate for this guy,” Limbaugh said of Lewandowski “That’s not an opinion.”

“And I think everything flows from that in this thing,” he added.

“Ah, ah, ah, I violated the gag. I shouldn’t have said that. I want you to — aw, darn it,” he said. “Sorry. I violated the gag.”

While Limbaugh did impose a gag order on himself Wednesday, he did say plenty on Tuesday, adding that the media seemed to be using the incident.

“CNN is today trying to destroy the Trump campaign,” Limbaugh said.

“Fine and dandy. They’re the media. It’s what they want to do. They’re afraid of Trump. They don’t like Trump. Whatever it is, they’re trying to use this Lewandowski thing to raise doubts. War on women. I’m not listening to it, but I can see it happening here.”

He also said that “just in terms of video capture there’s nothing apparent that you can see,” adding that he thought it was “the latest event that has presented itself to maybe take Trump out of this.”

It’s a massive stand from one of the biggest conservative icons in the business — and it just shows that even Limbaugh can’t keep quiet on what the media is trying to do to Lewandowski.

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