WARNING GRAPHIC: New Twin Peaks Video Shows Biker Deaths, Shooting From Start To Finish

Rissa Shaw | KCENTV

Nine bikers were killed, at least 20 were injured, but the violence which unfolded in the parking lot of Twin Peaks is being seen, from start to finish, for the first time. 

KCEN was the first media outlet in the country to publicly release police dash camera video taken at the scene; the video appeared to show several men hit by bullets after a fight breaks out between rival motorcycle gangs on May 17th, allegedly over territory.

In the footage, which KCEN was given permission to use, you can see the moment the melee begins between the Bandidos and the Cossacks, followed by gunfire second later, then bikers falling to the ground.

“The video should have been released a long time ago,” said Stephen P. Stubbs, a biker rights attorney.  “Video doesn’t lie.”

The video showed a group of men in black leather vests with yellow writing lining up on the patio of Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant, allegedly waiting for a fight.  But the Las Vegas based lawyer who said he had years of experience representing motorcycle organizations around the U.S., including the Bandidos organization at one point, said it runs much deeper than the alleged trigger of a disagreement over a parking spot.

“When I watch the videos, it’s clear to me that the Cossacks were there to cause trouble,” said Stubbs.

A gag order is preventing many on both sides from commenting on the Waco Police Department investigation, which was still underway.

“They're not allowed to defend themselves, and I think that's a shame, so I'm speaking up,” said Stubbs.

However, Stubbs didn’t hold back and released discovery materials to KCEN (part of the evidence in the Twin Peaks case), including new video he said he obtained from “multiple media sources” who he made an agreement with to not share the video until now.  Stubbs believed the videos prove the Cossacks weren't there for the political meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents most bikers said they came to attend that day.

“The Cossacks did not show up for a political meeting,” said Stubbs.  “They were brandishing weapons well before any violence happened, um, they surrounded the Bandidos when the Bandidos drove up and tried to park, um, they were the first to show weapons, they were the first to fire shots."

Even so, seven of the nine victims were members of the Cossacks.

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