Video: Watch These Little Kids Flip off and Cuss out Trump Supporters

The Daily Sheeple

We really are living in Idiocracy, people. So this is what the presidential election process has officially been downgraded to.

There’s not even a pretense of officialdom to this b.s. anymore.

Check out these Hispanic child protesters holding signs that say “F*ck Donald Trump” and flipping off his supporters as they drive by in their cars:

Doesn’t political correctness go both ways? I thought the point of the protests according to Trump protesters is that Trump is spreading a message of hate against Hispanic communities?

So how does spreading hate to fight the hate actually fight the hate?

Logic fail.

This is the level of ridiculous dog and pony show we are at.

If you want to know what the country looks like being flushed down the toilet in slow motion, you just saw it.

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