VIDEO: Geraldo Goes Trump On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – It Immediately Goes Horribly Wrong

Kevin Whitson | Western Journalism

In what was supposed to be a spoof of a Donald and Melania Trump presidency, Geraldo Rivera and Edyta’s Sliwinska’s performance on Dancing with the Stars was anything but presidential and less than stellar to say the least.

The Rivera/Sliwinska dance routine started with Rivera dressed as Trump and Sliwinska dressed as Melania. Rivera was seated in the Oval Office when Sliwinska came in and sat on the president’s desk. Rivera pretended to be on an important phone call but placed his call on hold so that he could do a little dance with his supposed wife.

The old adage goes that “white men can’t jump.” While that may be true for some, it’s also true that not all Latino’s can dance. Rivera’s dance may have been better equated to a dance with a stiff mop. It must have been painful for professional dancer Sliwinska to have such a stiff partner as much of the routine had Sliwinska dancing right in front of Rivera, away from the judges and television camera’s view.

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