Utah Restaurant Gains Following for Food, Kilts, & Firearms

Hunter Roosevelt | Controversial Times

Sea Bears Ogden Fish House in downtown Ogden, Utah is known for three things. Good food, kilts, and firearms.

About a year ago, owners Tony & Mokika Siebers decided to start openly carrying firearms inside the restaurant, initially as a safety concern.

“It’s a downtown business dealing with money, we’re closing down at night, my wife has to get to her car out back,” Tony said. “So we just said, ‘Let’s get our concealed-carry permits.'”

Initially, the couple worried how customers would react.

“I was nervous — well, not nervous, but I worried — when my wife first started doing open-carry,” he said. “I thought, ‘Will people be offended and not want to come in?'”

Monika, who carried a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield on her hip every day, acknowledges the initial risk.

“Obviously, you’re taking a pretty bold stance. The last thing we want to come across as is arrogant or flippant. And we don’t want to scare people.”

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