UC Berkeley to add murder to its list of on-campus services


Bradford Richardson | Washington Times

The student government at the University of California-Berkeley last week passed a resolution calling for the implementation of an abortion clinic on campus.

Senate Resolution 69 urges the campus’s University Health Services to “implement medical abortion services” at the school’s health center.

“The bill states that UC Berkeley students should have access to legal and safe medical abortions,” according to student newspaper the Daily Californian.

Students said the lack of an abortion facility on campus constitutes a health risk to those who do not have time to travel to an off-campus location.

“When medication abortion is not available at UHS, students who are seeking an abortion face financial, time, and travel constraint burdens that create negative impacts on academic performance and mental health,” the bill reads. “UHS is a health center dedicated to meeting the health needs of students in order for students to be able to upkeep their academic well-being.”

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