Two airmen shot dead in 'workplace violence' at Texas air base

Jim Forsyth | Reuters

Two airmen were killed in a "a workplace violence incident" on Friday at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, military officials said, with media outlets reporting that an airman shot his commanding officer and then himself.

Two weapons identified as Glocks were found at the scene, Brigadier General Robert LaBrutta, Commander, Joint Base San Antonio, told a news conference. LaBrutta said the two men were the only casualties and he declined to provide further details such as a possible motive.

"This was a workplace violence incident and not the result of a terrorist attack," the U.S. Air Force Joint Base San Antonio said in a statement.

The Air Force Times, citing internal Pentagon communications, reported the commanding officer of a training squadron at the base was shot by an airman who then apparently killed himself in a classroom building.

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