Turkey Coup: The Question No One Is Asking…

Turkey Coup: The Question No One Is Asking…

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After spending the latter part of the day watching the attempted, and as it seems, failed, military coup in Turkey, the one question I have yet to see asked or indirectly answered is why? So I started digging.

According to an article on Vox:

The modern Turkish Republic was founded in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a former military officer deeply committed to a form of democratic nationalism and hardline secularism now called Kemalism.

The Turkish military sees itself as the guardian of Kemalism, and has overthrown four Turkish governments since 1960 in the name of protecting Turkey’s democracy from chaos and Islamic influence. Each time afterwards, the military has returned the country to democracy — though in a degraded form.

Erdogan is clearly a threat to Turkish democracy and secularism. He leads the AKP, a moderate Islamist party that has "reformed" Turkish schools along Islamist lines. He’s cracked down on Turkey’s freedom of the press and pushed constitutional changes that would consolidate dangerous amounts of power in the president’s hands.

The military had been shockingly quiet about these developments in recent years, leading many to believe that Erdogan had successfully cowed them into submission. But this coup attempt suggests — given the stated rationale of the coup-launchers — that some in the military are taking up its traditional role as enforcers of Kemalist orthodoxy.

A statement sent out by the military attempting the coup stated "Turkish Armed Forces have completely taken over the administration of the country to reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedom.”

Erdogan has been repeatedly accused of providing support for ISIS in Syria, while claiming to aid the US and Russia in their fight against ISIS militants in Syria. Erdogan has also stated previously “The Term ‘Moderate Islam’ Is Ugly And Offensive; There Is No Moderate Islam; Islam Is Islam”

In a nutshell, Erdogan, has been continually moving Turkey towards a more “extreme” version of Islam, oppressing the Turkish people’s freedoms and rights, and supporting terrorism in the name of Islam.

Here is why this matters…

Obama's view was announced in a readout of his call with Secretary of State John Kerry.

"The president and secretary agreed that all parties in Turkey should support the democratically-elected government of Turkey, show restraint, and avoid any violence or bloodshed. The secretary underscored that the State Department will continue to focus on the safety and security of U.S. citizens in Turkey," the White House statement said.

Hillary released the following statement via Twitter:

It matters because both Hillary and Obama are casting their support behind Erdogan and his Islamic extremism, and not the military, who is attempting to “reset” Turkey’s political government and prevent the country from falling away from democracy and towards Islamic influence.

Once again Obama is proving that when the political winds shift, he will stand with Islam.

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