Trump’s “America First” Message Incites Violent Reaction From “Death To America” Crowd

DC Whispers

Inside the Orange County amphitheater in Costa Mesa, thousands cheered and applauded the America first-message of GOP front runner, Donald Trump while outside that same venue, hundreds gathered to protest the concept of safe and secure borders – a protest which escalated into violence against law enforcement and pro-Trump supporters as they left the rally.

Masked protesters waved the flag of Mexico, screamed at law enforcement, and declared California to be THEIRS. 

It was a display that re-emphasized that the protest was not so much against Donald Trump, but rather against the concept of a safe and secure United States of America. The violent mob that gathered wants open borders, and feels America has no right to police those borders and/or control immigration into the country.

In essence, they don’t believe in the concept of America as outlined within the platform that is La Raza, a militant Mexican nationalist movement inside the United States that demands a ‘Reconquista’ Agenda be fully implemented that includes “taking back” states like California, Arizona and New Mexico from the United States. La Raza does not recognize the authority of the U.S. and feels should be eliminated. Barack Obama has given tens of millions of dollars to La Raza to implement its education agenda in public schools, and even provide for charter schools specifically catering to the Reconquista agenda.

It was that agenda which was on display last night following the Trump rally in California that left Trump supporters and police officers bloodied and battered:

It is an effort of intimidation to silence those who desire to see America returned to a position of strength, and to have that strength honored and respected both at home and abroad.

The question now is if that intimidation will work, or if this country’s Silent Majority will continue to push aside the Mainstream Media and Political Establishment and make the only choice that appears willing to challenge the cancerous anti-Americanism that now infects the nation?

The results of that choice will be America First, or America no more.

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