Trump says there’s 60% chance his VP will be….


Michelle Jesse | Allen B West

With Donald Trump all but certainly the GOP presidential nominee, everyone has turned to the question of whom he will select as his running mate.

We reported yesterday the role that former rival Ben Carson will play in the process, as well as Trump’s comments that he was open to former rivals Gov. John Kasich and even Sen. Ted Cruz as potential vice presidents.

This morning, the presumptive GOP nominee put odds around the likelihood he will choose one of his former GOP primary rivals as running mate. He told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” there’s “probably a 40 percent chance” he’ll pick someone who ran in the GOP primary.

For those of glass-half-empty folks among us, that means there’s probably a 60% chance Trump’s pick will be someone who didn’t run against him in the GOP primary.

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