Trump camp spotlights Fields' history of 'becoming news'

Jerome R. Corsi | WND

Donald Trump’s suggestion in an interview Wednesday that former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields pressed battery charges against his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, because “she likes it,” echoed his campaign’s initial suggestion that Fields had a history of such allegations against public figures.

Two days after the March 8 incident, Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said Fields’ accusation that Lewandowski “grabbed [her] tightly by the arm and yanked [her] down” was “entirely false” and that the staff had “no knowledge” of any confrontation.

“We leave it to others whether this (is) part of a larger pattern of exaggerating incidents, but on multiple occasions she has become part of the news story as opposed to reporting it,” Hicks said March 10. “Recall she also claimed to have been beaten by a New York City police officer with a baton.”

In an interview with NBC’s “Today” show Wednesday, Trump said he believes that even if Lewandowski had apologized to Fields, she would have gone ahead and filed battery charges.

“I think she would have pressed charges anyway, because I think she likes it,” Trump said.

Fields did not respond to WND requests for comment.

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