Trooper fired for preaching on the job: 'I'd rather follow Jesus'


The Indy Channel

Two days after he was fired for promoting his religious beliefs during traffic stops, Indiana State Police Trooper Brian Hamilton was preaching to dozens of people on a Connersville street corner.

 "They came out for the Lord Jesus Christ, they didn't come out for me. They came out to exalt the name of Jesus and they know what the truth is, and they know that the only way anybody can be changed is to the name of Jesus, and they know that they need to be obedient to Christ when Christ tells them to do something, as a soldier for Jesus, they're going to stand up," Hamilton said.

Hamilton was terminated after 14 years with ISP for insubordination and neglect of duty after a woman filed a lawsuit and formal complaint saying he asked her about her faith and where she goes to church during a traffic stop. She says she did not feel free to leave while the questions were being asked. She filed a formal complaint about the stop.

 "When I got saved three years ago, it changed my life, and I know what you're all doing here for and I can't really comment on the allegations of the state police. And I was a former state trooper, but I always said after I got saved, I said I work for the state but ultimately, I'm a soldier for Jesus Christ. God has used that job in the last three years what it was supposed to be meant for, and that was to spread the word to tell people when they're hurting, the truth. Government programs cannot touch anybody, it's the word of God that can change people," he said.

The lawsuit filed this week was not the first time a lawsuit or complaint had been filed against Hamilton. In Oct. 2014, he was accused of prolonging a traffic stop by asking a woman about her faith, then handing her a pamphlet about how to become a Christian. The civil case was closed in April 2015.

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