Town in fear as repeated sightings of WEREWOLF on the prowl… Really


Leda Reynolds | Express

Families fear a werewolf is on the prowl in Hull

Eyewitnesses say they have been left traumatised after encountering the half-man, half-wolf beast some believe is a werewolf called Old Stinker first sighted in the city 200 years ago.

Like the title character in hit 1980s movie An American Werewolf in London, the Hull creature is described as having glowing eyes.

A paranormal team on the hunt for the mystical creature scoured graveyards, allotments and abandoned factories by torchlight.

And shortly after midnight, they spotted the monster after hearing it crashing around in the undergrowth on the banks of Barmston Drain which flows through the city to Beverley.

Folklore expert Charles Christian was the first to spot something in the pitch black, but clouds drifted over the moon making it impossible to use his camera.

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