‘Whiteness History Speaker’: Whites Owe Blacks $20 Trillion in Reparations

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars

Video has emerged of a speaker at Portland Community College’s “Whiteness History Month” asserting that whites owe blacks $20 trillion dollars in reparations for slavery.

The white speaker, whose identity remains unknown, states, “White people owe reparations but not only for the enslavement of Africans, they owe reparations for the ongoing colonization of Africans in the United States.”

She asserts that whites owe over $14 trillion in reparations before citing a magazine article to claim that a further $6.4 trillion is owed.

“It’s not enough for whites to say we agree with or support reparations,” says the speaker, urging for the $20 trillion check to be handed over “right now” so that blacks can build a new power base and gain access to more resources.

“All white people sit on a pedestal of the oppression of Africans, all white people have benefited from the accumulated value of the slave trade,” she adds, claiming that white people are responsible for the ongoing ‘murder’ and ‘oppression’ of African-Americans.

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