They Know Exactly Why EgyptAir Flight 804 Went Down and Precisely Where it Is


Why is the satellite imagery never forthcoming?

There is no question that those various nations which possess satellites that monitor the skies over the most active battlefields in the world (Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Europe)  possess precise satellite imagery of the flight path and downing of EgyptAir Flight 804. In fact the state of the art of satellite technology is now so advanced the space spooks can tell you “which buttons are not buttoned up on your pajamas at night”.  Yes, satellites are now that exacting in their surveillance capability.

These same satellites can also pick up the distinguishing energy signatures for all sorts of in-flight phenomena to include explosions, missiles, fires, sudden shifts in flight paths, bomb debris, etc. Obviously a downward spiral of an aircraft would show up like a home movie to these folks watching their radar screens.

Whats’ the point?

Each of those concerned countries that has been using their satellites to intensely monitor the Middle Eastern theaters of war have footage of the disappearance of  EgyptAir Flight 804.  To repeat: several countries on both sides of the conflicts possess indisputable satellite imagery of the final minutes of that commercial airliner.  Where are they are now? Why do they not put their evidence forward for the world community of nations to examine?

Particularly in light of the  shoot-down of the Malaysian flight over the Ukraine by the US-backed Kiev junta, the deliberate takedown of the Germanwings flight over France, as well as the terror explosion of the Russian Metrojet over the Sinai Peninsula, does each stakeholder make it their business to perform sky surveillance 24/7.   Where are they then?!

The downing and whereabouts of EgyptAir Flight 804 is really a no-brainer for those satellite technicians who know how to read the imagery.  Why are their analyses never forthcoming from any quarter?  Even cursory interpretations of the satellite data can reveal exactly where this airliner ought to be located at this very minute.

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