The Surprising, Subtle Messages in Trump's SCOTUS Shortlist

By The New York Post Editorial Board

Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees sends multiple messages — all smart, and some pretty subtle.

The main point, of course, was to reassure Republicans that he really would name a new justice in the mold of Antonin Scalia — someone who’d resist the temptation to read his or her own policy preferences into the Constitution and the law.

And, indeed, every name on the list has a solid record of “judicial restraint” — as well as sterling legal credentials.

But they’re not quite the usual credentials: Where the current high-court members are all graduates of Harvard or Yale Law School, only one such name is on Trump’s list.

OK: The law schools of Georgetown, Chicago and Michigan aren’t blue-collar, either. But it’s still a slap at the Ivy cartel.

And where most Supreme Court short- lists only feature judges already on the federal bench, five of Trump’s picks are state Supreme Court justices. That’s a strong shout-out to voters sick of the idea that the feds have all the answers.

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