Ted Cruz Made a Big Mistake Getting In Bed with the Establishment

By Jeffrey Lord – The Spectator

I confess I am astounded.

Having written some columns in favor of a Trump-Cruz ticket, knowing that one primary after another has anti-Establishment candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz collectively racking up as much as 80% of the vote, it certainly seemed crystal clear what Republican voters were saying.

Under no circumstances did they want an umpteenth GOP Establishment candidate who was nothing more than Democrat-lite or so tied into the Establishment that one could be sure only that the last thing they would bring to the White House was serious change. Clearly, in the minds of GOP voters Trump and Cruz were the anti-Establishment guys. Hooray!

And then? And then.

Yesterday we find out that Ted Cruz apparently had a road-to-Damascus vision that caused him to suddenly realize well, gee. If he couldn’t get to the required 1,237 delegates for victory in Cleveland, the next best thing was for him to team up with… with… the Establishment’s Mr. Kasich! Not the anti-Cartel Trump, but the Cartel’s very own Kasich. Yes, a Trump-Cruz anti-Establishment alliance would end the nomination battle on the spot with a decided victory. But no, Cruz’s epiphany was to suddenly veer leftward while the battle rages. In the second Big Mistake of his campaign — the “New York values” business being the first — Cruz has just abruptly ventured for a walk on the Dark Side.

I know, I know. He wants to be president. I wanted him to be vice president so he could get to be president because I felt there was reasonable concern he couldn’t get there on his own at this point. 

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