Syrian army reportedly seizes Israeli-made weapons on their way to ISIS


Maayan Groisman | The Jerusalem Post

Forces of the Syrian army in the southeastern governorate of al-Suweida seized Israeli-made weapons that were designated for ISIS, Syrian media reported on Wednesday.

According to the reports, Syrian Army forces, in cooperation with local residents on the western outskirts of al-Suweida, confiscated Wednesday morning a vehicle that was coming from the Daraa eastern suburbs, on its way to ISIS forces in the eastern Syrian Desert.

The vehicle was carrying Israeli-made mines with Hebrew writing on them, as well as mortars, RPG rockets and hand grenades. It was not immediately clear how the Israeli weapons got into the hands of those arming ISIS.

A local source in al-Suweida said: "During operations aimed at tracking the movements of terrorist

organizations and their methods to transfer ammunition, a car that contained Israeli-made anti-personnel mines, several RPG rockets and launchers and mortars of different kinds was seized."

According to the source, the terrorist driving the vehicle was “liquidated” by the Syrian forces.

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