Shock Video at the Border Shows Exactly Why Trump Is RIGHT About Building a Wall

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When Donald Trump said that our porous southern border was allowing criminals to come in to the United States, the media called him a racist and a bigot.

That’s why most of them haven’t shown this video, captured by a TV news crew below the border. It shows exactly why Trump and other conservatives have been lamenting the lack of security that has let scores of illegal immigrants and drug dealers into the country.

The video was originally shown on the Mexican television network Azteca Trece on Tuesday. The voiceover is entirely in Spanish, but the images aren’t hard to understand even for those who don’t speak the language: It shows two men very obviously engaged in smuggling making their way over the border in Arizona.

At first, the smugglers don’t see the camera. When one of the men did, he yelled “No graben!” — “don’t record!” — while talking into a walkie-talkie.

After having seen the camera, they decided to climb back over the fence into Mexico without having made the drop off. Without the camera, though, they almost certainly would have dropped their merchandise on the American side of the border with little effort and almost no risk. Check it out here. The action starts at about the 1-minute mark.

And this isn’t the first time, either. Take a look at this video where a similar border incursion occurred.

It’s little wonder that the largest Border Patrol union local, located in Tucson, Arizona, came as close as it could to endorsing Trump for president.

“I informed Mr. Trump’s campaign that NBPC had long standing practice of not endorsing Presidential candidates and that as the President of Local 2544, and I would continue to adhere to that practice,” said Art Del Cueto, president of the National Border Patrol Council wrote in a statement.

However, he said, “Mr. Trump is the only candidate that has publicly expressed his support of our mission and our agents. He has been an outspoken candidate on the need for a Secure Border and for this we are grateful.”

He’s not the only one. If Trump can put an end to drug smuggling like this, America will be grateful.

H/T Fox News

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