She Thought It Was A Good Idea To Post This Online, But What Happened Next Left Her Humiliated

WT Article of the Week by Mr. Conservative

When this woman shared a half naked selfie of herself on her husband’s Facebook page, she had no idea it would blow up in her face.

According to AWM, it all started when the wife posted the selfie above along with the caption, “Hacked by your sexy wife love you.” All was going well until a woman responded with a single word, “#whore.”

This single response started a war that has since gone viral.

“Call me a whore all you want. Atleast my s***s covered,” the wife retorted.

“Cus you cheated on your husband by f***ing your first cousin, then now you are posing half naked pics to his wall…” the woman responded.

While most would deny this insane allegation, the wife took a different route.

“Hmm…he told me to put that on his wall…and I wouldn’t lie to you,” she wrote. “I did cheat on him and f***ed my cousin… Call me dysfunctional all you want.”

What a mess!

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