Share THIS With Your Liberal Anti-Gun Friends: NBC News Releases Video Dispelling The 3 Biggest Gun Myths... And They Actually Got It Right!

RedFlag News Desk

When I hear that one of the alphabet news stations is talking about guns, I immediately feel my blood start to boil because I just know it's going to be a bunch of anti-gun fascist propaganda. I was in SHOCK after watching this video put out by the liberal mainstream media outlet that is NBC News.

They actually dispel three of the biggest gun lies spewed by the likes of Bloomberg and the Moms Demand Action crowd. Granted, this video was put out on their YouTube page and not on their prime time news channel. But hey, when it comes to spreading the truth, I'll take it!

Be sure to share this with all your progressive liberal hippie anti-gun friends and neighbors. They will have a hard time labeling something put out by NBC News as right-wing NRA nonsense.

H/T Conservative Outfitters

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