Serena Williams admits she tried her dog's dog food. Here's what happened next... [VIDEO]


Des Bieler | The Washington Post

They say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” That’s certainly better advice than doing as Serena Williams recently did. The tennis superstar, competing at the Italian Open, said she got very ill at her hotel — after trying some of her dog’s food.

Now, this wasn’t Purina that Williams sampled. Her hotel, which appeared to be the very posh Rome Cavalieri, offered its own room-service menu for dogs, of which Williams has been availing herself on behalf of her three-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Chip.

In admirably candid, self-shot video clips shared via Snapchat Wednesday, Williams recounted how she had ordered Chip a perfectly tasty-sounding entree (“Beef and Chicken with Vegetables”) the day before. “I was like, ‘That looks so good,’ ” she noted. Then she went with the Salmon and Rice and thought, “That looks like the best food … it looks better than my food!”

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