Savage Shocks Listeners, Bans Phone Calls On Trump - Admits He Really Loves Ted



Trump supporters were shocked the other day when radio talk show host Michael Savage told his listeners that he only wanted to discuss Ted.

What happened? Savage was one of Trump's most ardent supporters, and now his show is suddenly all about Ted? Despite his love for Donald Trump, he made it clear to his audience that he really loved Ted more. It all became crystal clear when he explained that the 'Ted' he was referring to was Ted Savage, not Ted Cruz.

Who is Ted Savage?

Teddy (as he is affectionately known) is Savage's poodle, and the center of his latest book, Teddy And Me: Confessions Of A Service Human. Of all of the Savage books I have read, this one was the most unexpected, and caught me more than a bit off guard. No, Teddy does not take on the bad guys like Jack Hatfield (the protagonist in Savage's recent fictional book series), but shares with us a glimpse into his amazingly pampered life.

Paging through this beautiful book you will see pictures of Teddy being chauffeured around town, going out to dinner, and even helping make a wine selection. It is a love story between a man and his dog, but is this the same Michael Savage that tears liberal callers to shreds more quickly than a wood chipper? Not even Bruce Wayne has such a stark contrast with his alter ego.

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