SAVAGE: More proof liberalism is a mental disorder

SAVAGE: More proof liberalism is a mental disorder


Savage took issue with the White House’s insistence once again that a violent act carried out by a Muslim in the name of Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

On Monday, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali refugee, rammed his car into a crowd at Ohio State University, where he was a student, then began wielding a butcher knife, injuring 11 people.

“So we have a terror attack again. Again he fails us,” Savage said, referring to Obama. “Once again, another Muslim goes crazy, commits mayhem.”

Savage continued:

And immediately his spokesmouth — Josh Earnest, who should be tried before a tribunal of the people when Trump becomes president; Josh Earnest should be tried for war crimes, in my opinion, for having lied continuously through his teeth; that’s the spokesmouth for Obama — and he lectures us that we shouldn’t draw conclusions about Islam, even though the Ohio State University terrorist was a Muslim, screamed Allahu Akbar, had sympathies for, was a terrorist.

Did it in the name of Islam, did it because he was brainwashed by his imam, no doubt, in his mosque.

And we’re supposed to sit her and shut our mouths.

We’re supposed to not see reality. We’re supposed to deny reality because of the psychosis that has been put across the American landscape by Obama, who has to be, as I’ve said a thousand times, and perhaps you’ll pick it up correctly this time, he is not an Islamist, Obama. He is an Islamophile.

Do you know what an Islamophile is? It’s the opposite of an Islamophobe.

The current director of the CIA would be an Islamophile.

He sees nothing wrong with Islam, even though many Muslims today who — and I’m sorry to use the phrase — are modern or liberal, in the interpretation of their own religion, reformist minded, are saying it is Islam itself that is causing terrorism.

I’m not alone in this. Muslims who have any education understand that if you practice a religion and you read a book based upon the seventh century and you continue to interpret it literally, you will wind up cutting everyone’s throat, blowing things up and killing children.

So they’re calling for reform.

So right away the White House warns against blaming the religion of Islam after Ohio State attack

And to show you how my theory that liberalism is a mental disorder is 100 percent true, and every day there is proof of it, one of the professors who was injured by the Muslim at Ohio State won’t judge the assailant out of respect.

“An Ohio State University professor who was injured in the attack by a Somali Muslim man Monday told reporters it’s too early to hold judgment on the assailant, who was shot and killed by police.”

He said — I can’t read what he said. Sometimes if you read the statements of deranged people it actually screws you up.

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