Sanders Supporters Protest Media Blackout Outside CNN — CNN Completely Ignores Them


Nathan Wellman | US Uncut

Bernie supporters have finally decided to strike back against the media blackout. Using the hashtag #OccupyCNN, hundreds of protesters are staging a peaceful protest outside the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The protest is in response to CNN and other mainstream outlets’ consistent lack of coverage for the anti-establishment candidate who is raising more money than Hillary Clinton despite not taking corporate donations, drawing thousands of supporters at every rally, and consistently threatening Clinton with an ever-narrowing primary race.

A decisiondata.org analysis found that the media has ignored Bernie Sanders “to a shocking degree.” Based on their numbers, Clinton enjoys “a high amount of coverage, despite no dramatic changes in polls and lower search interest (than Bernie).”

With heated rallying calls of “The revolution WILL be televised!” the mood of the protest was vibrantly brimming with the passionate optimism that has come to define the Sanders campaign. The activists played music and cheered as cars drove by, packing the sidewalks in front of the building and across the street.

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