Sanders' SA troops harassing convention delegates with a 'hitlist'


The Washington Post

Sen. Bernie Sanders and his boosters are intensifying their courtship of convention delegates who could determine the winner of the Democratic nomination this year, prompting some party leaders and supporters of frontrunner Hillary Clinton to claim harassment.

The Sanders campaign says it has no connection to the efforts of outside supporters to lean on “superdelegates,” the party leaders and elected officials who can cast nomination votes for any candidate and could become pivotal in the nominating contest.

Among those efforts is a web site created last week under the name “superdelegatehitlist.com,” providing phone numbers and addresses for superdelegates and encouraging users to submit further contact information, presumably to help advocates pressure them. Site creator Spencer Thayer, a Chicago activist, described the goal this way in a Twitter message: “So who wants to help start of a new website aimed at harassing Democratic Superdelegates?”

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