Roger Stone Interview: "If Someone Finds Me Dead, Blame Hillary" (Video)

The Last Great Stand

Infowars Reports:

In the event Roger Stone suddenly drops dead, Hillary is to blame, the Trump confidant stated Thursday.

Speaking with billionaire Gary Heavin on the Alex Jones Show regarding his fearlessness in going after the Clinton mafia, Stone asserted he’s in great health and that a sudden death should be deemed suspicious.

“You’re standing up to a machine that has a trail of bodies as far as you can see,” Heavin told Stone. “Do you have good protection? You’re poking a grizzly bear.”

“My wife of course is very concerned about this, because the Clinton's have a record of savagely beating people,” Stone replies.

“Let me say this as I do every time this question comes up. Alex, if in a couple weeks they tell you that I committed suicide because I was depressed, or if I get hit by a truck crossing the street…”

“Or struck by a bolt of lightning,” Jones interjects.

“Or if they tell you I was killed in a freak hunting accident, don’t believe it. Hillary Clinton’s the major perp and she needs to be exposed,” Stone declared.

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