REPORT: Cruz Campaign Prepared For “Sex Scandal” Story Weeks In Advance…



It is a story some are now calling “everything or nothing” – a political hot mess whispered of for weeks and just yesterday pushed into the somewhat mainstream via a tawdry National Enquirer expose by the same award-winning journalist who broke similar revelations like the John Edwards sex scandal that effectively ended Mr. Edwards’ political career in 2008.

Social media is now in on the act, with #CruzSexScandal the #1 trending topic in the Twitterverse which of course, means the memes are being made up double-time at this point.

But Twitter trending and memes, thoughcertainly important in the realm of public perception, do not adefinitive sex scandal make.

Unfortunately for Mr. Cruz, speculation does appear to be forming into something beyond mere rumor now that some mainstream reporters are indicated factual support of at least some of what was detailed in the National Enquirer expose. Washington Times’ Drew Johnson indicating at least two of the women involved in that report were “accurate” and headlined that information with the tag, “COMING CLEAN.”

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