RED ALERT: Obama, Susan Rice Gag Dozens of Generals for 1 Chilling Reason

Conservative Tribune

Our commander in chief’s National Security Council has officially ordered military officials in favor of challenging China’s aggression in the South China Sea to shut up.

Navy Adm. Harry Harris, a top Navy official, has suggested a much more firm approach to China; however, the Obama administration has struck down his requests multiple times.

They claim to be more in favor of negotiations and talks — however, that strategy has hardly succeeded thus far.

Harris wants what is essentially a “fly by”: He wants to conduct naval operations within 12 nautical miles of China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea, which China continually enlarges. Harris’ strategy was aimed at stopping that growth to prevent them from reaching within 140 miles of the capital of the Philippines, Manila.

This blunt response is probably exactly what America needs — but President Barack Obama is reluctant to go along with it. He’s concerned that this would disrupt ongoing negotiations with China on other fronts. Therefore, he is letting China get its way.

Retired Navy Capt. Jerry Hendrix told Navy Times: “They want to get out of office with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of cooperation with China.”

National Security Advisor Susan Rice therefore placed a gag order on military officials to that effect, according to Navy Times.

The hope is that Obama will be able to negotiate with Chinese president Xi Jinping without being hindered by his own firebrands.

In other words, once again, Obama tries to secure deals abroad without listening to his own people. He tells them to shut up.

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