Rap song that threatens Trump's life called a "protest song" by MSM


Paul Joseph Watson  | Infowars

A viral rap video in which a group of black teens armed with weapons threaten to kill Donald Trump is being celebrated by several media outlets.

The lyrics to the song, entitled “F*ck Trump Anthem,” contain a number of violent threats towards the presidential candidate, including a vow to cave Trump’s head in with a shovel and a promise that if he visits Baltimore, Trump will “die”.

One of the lines in the rap also talks about filling Trump with hollow point bullets.

“We got a choppa in the trunk for Donald Trump,” the teens sing in the chorus. Choppa is a slang word for an AK-47.

The main protagonist behind the song is Abdel Ibrahim, a Sudanese Muslim who includes the phrase “All praise be to Allah” on his Twitter profile.

The video has been posted on YouTube for days and isn’t even age-restricted, but what’s most shocking is that several media outlets have given the video positive news coverage.

Bilboard.com reported that the track was a powerful “viral protest song,” noting that it landed a “barrage of verbal blows on Trump”.

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