Preschool Boots 4-Year-Old After Mother Complained about Sodomy and Gender Identity Being Taught

Michael Ware | Constitution.com

It is surprising to me how many people continue to allow their children to be brainwashed in the state-run schools. It should not be a hard connection to make between the loss of our children and the fact that they attended the same education system. But, one would think that they would at least wait until the second grade to begin the mush mind program. But this is not the case.

Christian News reports

A four-year-old girl in Colorado has been booted from preschool after her mother expressed concern over diversity teaching in the classroom that included books on homosexuality and gender identity.
R.B. Sinclair told the Denver Post this week that her daughter’s preschool teacher at Montview Community Preschool and Kindergarten had been reading books to the children on same-sex “couples” and about worms questioning their gender.

There seems to be no limit to how early they will start the reprograming of the children. Why would a preschooler need to learn about homosexuality? Why are we talking with them about sexuality at all? The reason is simple; falsehood takes longer to sink in.

These children have to hear this filth over and over before it becomes second nature to them. But does this not prove that they instinctively know that it is not normal or right? Does this not show that this is a perversion?

But the “Uneducators” see things differently or at least that is what they would have us believe.

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