Police Investigate Terrorist Activity At Airport, Discover Muslims’ “Secret Room”


Mad World News

Police have finally confirmed a discovery at the Brussels Airport that could’ve prevented the recent terrorist attacks.

After security guards raised concerns that Muslim staff at a major airport were acting suspicious, police decided to investigate. However, nothing could prepare them for what they found out Muslims were doing in a hidden room in the luggage claim area.

Four months before the Brussels terrorist attack, security guards complained to police that Muslim staffers at the same airport were publicly celebrating the Paris attacks, cheering and applauding the deaths of 130 innocent civilians. Their concerns fell on deaf ears.

Just four days before jihadists bombed Brussels Airport, guards warned a second time that there were security threats due to Muslim employees. Once again, police shrugged off the signs. However, now reports have come forward that police had discovered something that could’ve saved lives and prevented a major terrorist attack — if only they had not feared political correctness.

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