PHOTO: U.S. Navy’s New “Deadliest Destroyer” Has China Terrified for 1 Epic Reason

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The U.S. Navy is set to take possession of a brand new, technologically advanced destroyer that will likely be ready for its first deployment as soon as October, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Christened the USS Zumwalt, the $4.4 billion state-of-the-art craft has been described as the “deadliest destroyer” ever built, and is but the first of a new class that will include at least two more of the impressive if expensive ships, down from an original order of 32 when the ship’s design was first drafted 15 years ago, a victim of budget cuts and significant cost overruns.

What sets the Zumwalt apart from other ships already in the Navy’s fleet is it’s unique “stealth” design that utilizes hard and irregular angles that make the massive destroyer resemble a small fishing boat on radar screens.

The ship, which uses powerful gas turbines and electric motors to push through the waves, also features advanced automation throughout, allowing it to function effectively with a much smaller crew than other similarly-sized ships.

Perhaps the most fearsome feature of the new ship, which no doubt has caught the attention of our nation’s rivals, is the awesome array of weaponry carried, including various missiles, torpedoes, rockets, cannons and guns, as well as potentially a main gun that would be capable of launching a projectile with pinpoint accuracy out to a range of 100 miles.

It is believed that future iterations of this new destroyer class will feature the science-fictionesque “rail gun” system, which forgoes gunpowder in favor of electromagnetic power that can hurl a projectile at more than seven times the speed of sound, impacting targets with a force great enough to slice through thick concrete bunkers and steel armor plates from 100 miles away.

The Zumwalt is expected to be formally inducted into service in Baltimore soon, from whence it will sail to its future home port in San Diego.

This is an incredible new ship that will assist in protecting our vast coastlines, maintaining control of vital international trade routes, and projecting power to any corner of the globe where our national interests are threatened by rivals.

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