PERSECUTION: Teacher Calls Mohammed Child Molester, Gets FAR Worse Than Fired

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We often hear about Christian persecution in the Islam-dominated Middle East, but the truth is that it is happening in all corners of the world.

For example, a teacher in Austria was facing criminal charges for allegedly telling her students that Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was a child molester.

The teacher’s comments made their way to administration at the middle school in Bregenz, who forwarded a complaint to the Voralberg prosecutor’s office, according to Breitbart.

Dr. Bernadette Mennel, Vorarlberg Provincial Councillor, confirmed that the teacher was facing a criminal complaint, but the prosecution office had not released any information about the investigation.

If it is found that the teacher did, in fact, make the alleged comments about Muhammad to her students, she could likely face harsh consequences.

But the “forbidden” statement is entirely true. Muhammad was a child molester, as he married a 6-year-old girl, Aisha, when he was an adult, and he had sexual relations with her with she was only 9.

In most civilized countries today, including Austria, anyone caught having sex with a 9-year-old girl would be arrested for sexually abusing a child and labeled a pedophile.

Followers of Islam justify their prophet’s actions because marriage to children during that time was common. But that is hardly a justification. Slavery was also “common” at one point, but that doesn’t mean it was right or defensible.

This type of persecution is common in Africa and the Middle East, where insulting the prophet of Islam not only is illegal, but also often carries a death sentence for the accused.

In 2015, a Muslim cleric in Nigeria was sentenced to death by a Shariah court for simply saying that a 20th century cleric was greater than Muhammad.

Things are not quite so drastic in Europe — at least not yet — but there has definitely been a move in recent years toward protecting the religion above other rights. For example, blasphemy against Islam often falls under the rubric of hate speech, or at the very least under the term Islamophobia.

The list of people facing criminal charges in Europe for “insulting” Islam keeps growing, and this Austrian teacher is just the latest of many.

In 2010, Dutch politician Geert Wilders was put on a highly publicized trial for criminally insulting religious and ethnic groups after he warned against a Muslim invasion and called for a ban on the Quran, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

These people are being persecuted for legitimately disagreeing with a religion, and we must do everything we can to make sure that this trend doesn’t make its way to the United States.

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