People Instantly Notice This 1 Thing Obama Did The Same Day He Freed 61 Americans From Drug Sentences

Olivia Babine | Western Journalism

President Barack Obama recently commuted the sentences of sixty one convicted drug offenders. Now, on the same day as those sentences were commuted, Obama met and had lunch with some of those who were released.

After meeting with the former prisoners in the White House Roosevelt Room, Obama invited the them to lunch.

The seven former inmates dined with Obama at Busboys & Poets on 14th Street in Northwest Washington, D.C. The owner of the restaurant refused to abide by a ban on hiring felons in 2009 and lobbied to prohibit employers from putting a box on employment applications that would indicate if a person was a convicted felon. In 2014, the City Council passed the bill.

Three of the former convicts had their sentences commuted by Obama, and two of the seven had life sentences.

At the lunch, Obama indicated that working on new sentencing laws and criminal justice reform was a top priority for him. He also mentioned this was something Speaker of the House Paul Ryan supports.

I'm about to drop by a meeting with a few folks whose prison sentences were commuted either by President Bush, President...

Posted by President Obama on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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