Paul Ryan Makes BOMBSHELL Admission About GOP Convention… Get Ready For Fireworks

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In an interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said that he wanted his name taken out of the running if there was a contested GOP convention this summer in Cleveland.

Rep. Ryan has been one of the names bandied about by the Republican establishment for the nomination if billionaire businessman Donald Trump fails to get enough delegates prior to July’s Republican National Convention, with one GOP operative saying Ryan was “the most conservative, least establishment member of the establishment.”

During the interview, Hewitt asked whether a contested convention should be “bound” by the rules of the 2012 convention, which would make anyone who didn’t participate in the primary process ineligible for the nomination.

“You know, I don’t know, that’s not my decision. That is going to be up to the delegates,” Ryan said. “I’m going to be an honest broker, and make sure that the convention follows the rules as the delegates make the rules.

“As you probably know, the Rules Committee meets the week before the convention,” he explained. “I believe it’s two delegates from each state and territory, about 112 people, who’ll set the rules, and I’m not going to make an opinion or a judgment one way or the other, because it’s their decision, the delegates’ decision, who are the grassroots of the party, by the way.

“It should not be our decision as leaders. It is the delegates’ decision. So I’m not going to comment on what these rules look like or not,” Ryan continued.

Then he dropped the bomb that the GOP establishment did not want to hear.

“But I do believe people put my name in this thing, and I say get my name out of that,” Ryan said. “This is, if you want to be president, you should go run for president. And that’s just the way I see it.”

You can listen to his comments here:

“So you’re not the fresh face that Karl Rove was talking about?” Hewitt said, referring to a comment by Karl Rove that a contested convention would likely yield a “fresh face.”

“No, I’m not the fresh face, I’m not that person,” Ryan said. “I’d like to think my face is somewhat fresh, but I’m not for this conversation. I think you need to run for president if you’re going to be president, and I’m not running for president. So period, end of story.

Paul Ryan taking his name out of the running is a massive blow for the Republican establishment, as he was likely the only candidate they could put forth at a contested convention who would have generated any excitement.

It also increased the likelihood that it would be a straight-up showdown between Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, two men the GOP elite are not fond of.

Get your popcorn ready, folks. There could be some massive fireworks happening inside the convention hall in Cleveland.

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