OUCH: Trump Delivers Brutal Bad News to Romney, Humiliates Him in Front of Entire Country

Conservative Tribune

Failed 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney has been one of the more outspoken critics of billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, and though some of his criticism has merit, his opposition has largely been dismissed as little more than sour grapes.

Some suspect that Romney has been so critical of Trump simply because of how well the celebrity real estate mogul has done in the primary, earning far more votes than Romney did in his bid to obtain the nomination.

More evidence has seemingly emerged to suggest that Trump is doing better than Romney did, particularly with voters outside of the traditional GOP voting base such as independent and Hispanic voters, according to The Daily Caller.

A new NBC/SurveyMonkey poll has shown that Trump is performing marginally better than Romney did with Hispanics at the same point in the race despite the common refrain that Hispanics hate Trump and would never vote for him.

While the polls certainly do show Trump with a rather high unfavorable rating among Hispanic voters, the NBC poll revealed that he has about 28 percent support from them, compared with Romney’s 27 percent in 2012.

Obviously that number will need to improve somewhat over the next several months if Trump expects to win the presidency. However, even his standing now serves as a blow to his critics and their conventional wisdom regarding Trump and the Hispanic vote.

If we have learned anything thus far in this election cycle, it is that conventional wisdom can largely be tossed aside for the rather unconventional and atypical campaign being run by Trump, a campaign that has defied all the odds and dire predictions that prematurely doomed it to failure.

Of course, it remains to be seen how well Trump will really do with Hispanic voters, but if the general election is anything like the primary elections we have already seen, it is a safe bet that Trump will outperform most of the polls and do much better than the so-called experts give him credit for.

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