Orange Knight Glenn Beck Launches a ‘100-Year Plan’ of ‘Greatest Thinkers’ to Save America

Rebecca Mansour | Breitbart

Although “five-year plans” never worked very well for the Communists, Beck is hoping his 100-year plan will allow his assemblage of #NeverTrump “true conservatives” to save the republic in the long-term.


The following was posted to Beck’s website:

With his new book Liars coming out late summer, Glenn has been researching Woodrow Wilson and other progressives from this era.

“I’m looking at these guys, and I’m seeing them in a totally different light now. I’m really seeing the guys in the 1880s and the early 20th century as the new Founders. And last night, I wrote in my diary just that, “Where are these guys? Where are the thinkers now?” I mean, these were the biggest thinkers of the late 1800s and early 20th century. They were the college professors. They were the titans of philosophical thought at the time. They were the titans of governmental thought. Where are those guys? They put together a plan. And they knew where they were headed,” Glenn said.

While progressives perfectly executed their 100-year plan, conservatives only seem to focus on the next four to eight years.

“We don’t seem to have the patience that progressives do,” Co-host Pat Gray said.

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