Obama's Gray Hairs Hilariously Explained by MAD Magazine

by Trey Sanchez, Truth Revolt

MAD magazine has hilariously skewered President Obama's gray hairs for its upcoming April issue, giving "a strand-by-strand" analysis of why each hair turned color.

Breitbart gave an exclusive sampling of some of its favorites. Below are some of ours:

HAIR #876 - Why It Turned Gray: The realization that there's hardly any time left for him to get the minimum wage raised before he has to leave his steady gig and venture out into the unforgiving post-Obama economy.

HAIR #1,999 — Why It Turned Gray: He’s tormented by the fact that he could have freed those kidnapped girls in Africa, but he just couldn’t think of the perfect hashtag.

HAIR #32,000 — Why It Turned Gray: He knows he’ll never be the smartest President (that’s Jefferson), nor the most honest (that’s Washington), nor the manliest (that’ll be Hillary).

HAIR #1,643 - Why It Turned Gray: His approval rating is now running neck-and-neck with scabies.

HAIR #119,687 - Why It Turned Gray: Following an inadequate background check, one of the two turkeys he pardoned for Thanksgiving 2010 subsequently went on a six-state robbery and murder spree.

HAIR #1,101 - Why It Turned Gray: Queasiness. Specifically, when he realized he couldn't stop looking at those shirtless Vladimir Putin pictures.

And maybe the best one:

HAIR #9804 — Why It Turned Gray: As a Constitutional scholar, he knows that his numerous violations of the Constitution will be studied for years by future Constitutional scholars.

MAD's joke writer for this illustration, Desmond Devlin, told Breitbart, "Comedy is timing. And that's why this article needed to be written now. Because once Donald Trump is elected, you'll never hear a presidential hair joke ever again."

The issue will be available online on April 8 and on newsstands April 19.

Click here or image below for a hi-res image of the illustration to have more laughs.

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