Obama was never in danger during the shooting outside the White House... Because he was out playing golf


RedFlag News Desk

I'm sure news of Friday's shooting outside the White House had everyone concerned about the safety of our fearless commander in chief. Thankfully, Obama was never in any real danger.  

As the LA Times reports

President Obama was away golfing at Joint Base Andrews outside Washington. Vice President Joe Biden was in the White House but was safe, according to a White House official.

No one within or associated with the White House was wounded, and everyone on staff was safe and accounted for, an administration official said. Obama was told about what happened during his round of golf.  

Whew. I'm glad this incident occurred on the weekend when the president gets to take time out of his busy schedule of killing US citizens with drone strikes, bombing hospitals, and trying to take away our gun rights. Oh wait, nevermind. The shooting was on a Friday. The upside with Obama's golf obsession is that it means he spends less time interfering with the lives of the American people. 

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