Obama Spokesman Makes BIZARRE Area 51 Announcement During Press Conference

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Unfortunately for those of us who are X-Files fans, President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that he has no plans to release files on Area 51 via his the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest.

This seemingly random announcement has come as a reaction to the Clinton campaign saying that she would release information about Area 51 — which may be the only piece of information available that wouldn’t incriminate her in something or other.

For those that are unaware, Area 51 is an Air Force base that has been the focus of alien fanatics for decades under the theory that it is being a secret base where the U.S. government keeps information about life beyond our little blue planet, including, perhaps, little green (or gray) men and some of their technology.

Earnest was a little thrown by the question about the base, according to The Hill. “I have to admit that I don’t have a tab in my briefing book for Area 51,” he said when asked.

One reporter, without missing a beat, joked: “Because it has been taken out?”

“Maybe it has. Part of a grand conspiracy,” replied Earnest with a chuckle.

The truth is out there, folks.

To close the line of jokes, Earnest said that he was “not aware of any plans the president has to make public any information about this,” and said that he wasn’t even sure that Obama had even looked at any government files concerning UFOs.

He was probably golfing that day.

Obama has joked about it a time or two, even once with Jimmy Kimmel. When asked about the information, Obama said it wasn’t going out.

“The aliens won’t let it happen. You’d reveal all their secrets. They exercise strict control over us,” he explained.

Well, that might explain his foreign policy.

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